Conference Staff

Richard Weber (Co-Director GLAC)
GLAC Co-Founder

Richard has been studying Astrology for over 20 years and reading charts for over 10 years. Astrology has been a tool I have used to help me understand myself, relationships I have been in, and help me through life events. This has given me the ability to give insightful advice about relationships and life changing events. Presently I have a thriving practice as entertainment for parties, working psychic fairs, giving private readings, and readings through an online service.

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Sandra-Leigh Serio (Co-Director GLAC)
Sandra-Leigh Serio

Sandra-­Leigh has worked over 30 years as a full-time counseling astrologer. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and lives in Boulder, Colorado. For 25 years, she wrote a weekly astrology column for a major newspaper and had her own television and radio shows. Sandra-Leigh is certified by ISAR, AFA, and OPA as a professional astrologer. She has written for Llewellyn Publications, Horoscope Magazine and StarIQ. She is President of the Rocky Mountain Astrologers in Boulder, Colorado and a Group Leader and Recording Secretary for OPA, Organization for Professional Astrology. She and Louise McCombs started the Midwest Astrology Conferences in 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Sara Cartwright (Director GLAC Recording Services)

Sara Cartwright

“Sara began her journey into astrology at a young age. She began reading astrology books and even tried to construct her own chart at age 14. After high school she found a local metaphysical bookstore and took every class she could manage to attend. Sara began her studies with the Academy Of Astrology inn 1997 and continued taking classes after the AoA became The Leaning Center for Astrological Studies. She has achieved certificates of completion for levels I, II, and III. Sara currently teaches for LCAS and serves on the board. She has continued on her personal journey and is also an ordained Minister through Light of Christ Community Church and Sancta Sophia Seminary. Among Sara’s other interest are Reiki, Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Numerology, Tarot, working with crystals and meditation. Sara has been working with the Great Lakes Astrology Conference to run their recording services and to put together their program book.”

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Beverly Fish (Conference Coordinator)

Beverly Fish
Growing up in a psychic family, Beverly became a psychic medium when she met the ghost who haunted her home. It was only natural that she would be interested in all things paranormal. In the 1970’s she added astrology to her fields of interest. She later combined her interest in the paranormal to her astrological research. Beverly teaches classes at Washtenaw Community College on “Developing Your Psychic Ability” and “Ghosts and Demons”. Special Thanks to:
Pam Wenzel (GLAC Co-Founder)
pamwenzelGLAC Co-Founder Pam Wenzel has recently moved on in pursuit of new adventures. We express our sincerest gratitude to Pam for her dedication and contributions to the Great Lakes Astrology Conference.

Thank you, Pam! We wish you much success and happiness in all your future endeavors.